I posted a tweet a few weeks back outlining a competition I would like to run this season (and if successful, every season) which consists of predicting the scores of the weekly NFL games and being rewarded by how accurate you are. I’ve done a bit of market research since that tweet, and I have now got a good idea as to the structure of the competition and thought I would write a post explaining it in full detail, and then I will start to open it up for those that want to play in the next month or so. 

The premise is fairly simple. I will choose 6 of the Redzone games each Sunday to make up that week’s prediction. It will cost £3 a week to play, (£51 for the full season) and you will have to predict the correct score for each game that is in the competition. You can choose to sign up for the full season or play on a week by week basis. There will be a raffle for those that sign up for the full season, details of this at the end of the blog! The scoring will work as follows:


For the purpose of helping you understand the scoring structure, I have chosen a COMPLETELY RANDOM game to use an example. What a coincidence…

You would score 1pt for predicting the correct team to win (Giants to win in this case).

You would then score a further 1pt for guessing the spread winner (each game will have a spread, for instance Giants -4.). If you predicted Giants to win by 4 points or more, you’d back them to BEAT the spread, or if you the Patriots will not be beaten by more than 4 points, you could back them to COVER the spread. I will be setting the spread for each game included in the predictions, based on what the bookmakers have the spread at. (Updated from original structure)

You would also score an additional 2pt for each teams correct total (Predicting Patriots to score 17pts) If you predicted Giants 24-17 Patriots, you would get 1pt for Giants to win and 2pts for Patriots scoring 17pts, so 3 points in total.

Finally, you would score 7pts in total for predicting the completely correct scoreline (Giants 21-17)

There will be a tie breaker question in case of draws, that will be longest field goal yardage from the six games. In case of a draw, closest to correct yardage wins.


There will be three different competitions, weekly, monthly and season long.

Weekly – each week, 80% of all money going into the competition will be up for grabs that week. Of that 80%, the winner will take 75% and, the runner up will take 25%. If 50 people play, there will be a total of £150 in the pot. £120 of that pot will be up for grabs that week. The winner for that week will therefore win £90, and the runner up £30. *Please note, depending on the traffic we get, we will consider providing cash prizes for more places i.e. top 5 get some sort of cash winnings!* I wanted to use a large majority of the money for each weekly prize, as I didn’t want to discourage anybody who didn’t want to play every week. The remaining £30 not invested into the weeks pot will go into a pool of money, from which I will be using for the monthly and year long prizes which are NOT cash prizes.

Monthly – There will be a calendar month table, for those that take part consistently. The winner of this monthly calendar will win a mug of their choice from the guys at @mugsnfl, which will be paid for by us.

Yearlong – For those that take part for the full season, there will be a year long league. The winner of this league will win a jersey of their choice, paid for by us!


As previously mentioned, each week will cost £3 to take part. We are setting up a Paypal for this currently, and should be all set by the end of this week. You will have to send the £3 with your Twitter @ as your reference, and that will allow you to take part in the competition that week. There will also be the option to pay for the full season, or a number of weeks in advance! We are working on creating a form to fill in on our website. The form will contain the six games with a drop down option for how many points each team will score and the space to add your Twitter @ so we know who is sending it! This form will be sent in an email to our email address, and the deadline will be 5pm on Sunday afternoon UK time. (Games start at 6pm.) Then, after the games are finished, we will start working out our winners and table, which will be up and on the site by midnight that night.

To reward those who sign up for the full season, anybody who pays the full £51 upfront before August 1st, will be entered in a draw to win a bundle of merch from their own team (worth £50!) I will be sending out a DM to those who have shown an interest already, but if you haven’t and are interested, just drop me a message on Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you!